Advertisement at the fair

We organize B2B and B2C events on various topics - construction, automotive, agricultural, energy, historical as well as many entertainment events. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our advertising offer.

Outdoor advertising

We have a large external area, thanks to which we can offer you various forms of advertising - billboards, a grid on the facade of the building, banners on the fence or exhibition on the exhibition square. The Lublin Trade Fair is located near the city centre, near the busy intersection of Piłsudskiego and Lubelskiego Lipca Streets (The Green Route), thanks to which this form of promotion will prove useful not only during our events.

Advertising on the facade of hall C

A large-format media giving almost unlimited possibilities of presenting the promotional content. The advantages are: the ability to choose the suitable format and visibility from long distances.


An advertising area of 5.04 x 2.38m is located in an open area. It is possible to display the screen at the fairground, at Piłsudskiego or Dworcowa streets.

Advertising on the fence

An advertising area of 5.04 x 2.38m is located in an open area. It is possible to display the screen at the fairground, at Piłsudskiego or Dworcowa streets.

Setting your own advertising on the external exhibition area

Over 5,000 sq. m. of an external exhibition area allows the use of various, own advertising media.

Internal advertising

Our events attract different groups of recipients, from several hundred to even several dozen thousand visitors of each. We give you the opportunity to reach them through the display of advertising materials, display of films on the Market TV, an advertisement in the exhibition catalog or other form of promotion chosen by you.

Advertising in the fair catalog

The catalogue is the basic source of information regarding the detailed program of the fair event, the list of exhibitors and the hall's plan. Thanks to this, the catalogue is a great advertising medium that goes directly to an appropriately selected group of recipients.


Placing standing advertising on the fairgrounds

We enable advertising in the form of a banner, a roll-up or a wall set up in a market hall, lounge or other agreed place.

Exposition of promotional materials during the event

As a part of the trade fair events, a press zone is created, where trade fair catalogues, trade press and promotional materials are displayed. It is located at the trade fair office and at the registration point. There is also the possibility of distribution of advertising materials by a hostess.


Advertising on market TV

Display of the advertising material during the Fair (120 emissions x 15s/day) on screens' size “42 located at the main entrance to the facility and at conference rooms.


Floor stickers

This unconventional form of promotion consisting of placing an advertisement on the floor, attracts attention and is very popular among visitors.

If you are interested in any other form of advertisement during our events, feel free to contact us. We are open to various forms of cooperation.