Infrastracture of Targi Lublin is perfect for organization of any kinds of events, trainings, conferences, ceremonial galas, banquets, congresses and mass events. Convenient localization in vicinity of town center, varying design of buildings, extensive parking lot and professional team – these are our main strengths. To each order we come up individually and try to equal even the most demanding expectations.

See what event we can organize for you:

Company meetings, Gala, Anniversaries

You want to organize company jubilee or Christmas meeting? Perhaps you are looking for a place for integration party? Come to us! Our facility gives you a vast range of option – from low-key meetings to pompous galas. Many companies from all-around the region have trusted us and some of them – valuing our professional attitude – use our services regularly.

Fairs & Exhibitors

If you are thinking about organizing a branch meeting in character of fairs then there is no better alternative in that part of the country than Targi Lublin. We have 20 year experience and fairs are our speciality. We have two halls at disposal – one is 2800 square meters and second 7200 square meters – also a substantial outdoor area.

Congresess & Conferences

Branch conferences for many years fit in the calendar of Targi Lublin. Meetings of diffrent branch representatives take place: from medical through industrial ending on military. Thanks to diffrent parameters of halls we are able to organize trainings for several people aswell as congresses for couple thousands participants.

Sport event

Targi Lublin are not only exhibitions or conferences. Many times in it's history our facility has become an arena of sport tournaments. We can freely adjust the area to fit requirements of individual sport disciplines. For couple years we regularly host equestrian events (Cavaliada) and part of Bieg Solidarności (Solidarity Run). We also orgnized championship in Air Power Athletics, European Convention on sailing and we hosted open to public trainings of famous athletes.

Concerts and performances

Size of covered area of Targi Lublin gives an opportunity to organize concerts and shows for more than 5 thousand people. Versatility of facility lets us prepare an impressive show, which we managed couple of times. We hosted many bands, cabaret or theatre groups.