On May 12-14, the largest Rally of Weapons, Militaria and Survival Lovers in Poland will take place!


Plan a fun-filled weekend by getting to know the main events now!


Conference "Common Defense of Poles" (registration is required on the website obrona.targi.lublin.pl )

A specialized conference dedicated to defense education, civil defence, uniformed services related to universal protection of the population, state and local government officials in the field of security, representatives of crisis staffs, defense associations, rescue services and formations, teaching staff of the subject of defense training returning to schools and citizens who want to join actively in pro-defence activities through various forms of activity, e.g. defensive sports, rescue, cooperation with uniformed formations. A special recipient is young people interested in the subject of defense and military service. Registration for the conference is required on the website obrona.targi.lublin.pl

More about the conference >>> obrona.targi.lublin.pl


A unique holiday established by Marshal Józef Piłsudski in 1930, derived from the tradition of military education and the functioning of the oldest schools in Poland specializing in teaching war tactics. The celebrations will be graced with parade shows, roll call, a performance of a military band, a presentation of military equipment and a march of uniformed classes. FREE ADMISSION.

Survival Zone

Knowing how to treat water, build a fire pit, shelter, navigate or set a trap can be invaluable in a crisis situation. The art of survival is a kind of self-rescue, i.e. coping with specific conditions. Survival is not only extreme situations in the wild, the knowledge gained will also allow you to survive in the city in everyday events, e.g. an accident. An important part of survival training is finding ways to deal with your own weaknesses, being aware of yourself, your limitations, but also your extraordinary capabilities. During the Fair, our Special Guest, trainer, creator of the online channel Partyzanci Lubelszczyzny and expert in this field, Paweł Szlendak, will share his invaluable knowledge on the subject of survival.

Exhibition of military vehicles:

The Leopard tank, MRAP, Rosomak, self-propelled mortar, anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems, vehicles used for medical support and all kinds of field operations, transporters and many others will be seen up close during the Militaria Pro ARMA Rally.

Historical reconstruction zone

Detective Zone

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